About Us

'Stunning products...bold practical designs...individually hand crafted and hand decorated.'

KraftyArtZ workshop is based in Nakuru, right at the heart of Kenya's Rift Valley.  We work as a team of approximately 50 extremely talented men and women. We spend our days hand crafting and hand decorating an exquisite range of gifts and homeware that is of the very highest quality.

Meet some of our team.... 

  Pepe Shaw, Owner

'Bold landscapes, the colours of Africa and the innate creativity of the Kenyan people, combined with my desire for all things practical drives the business forward.  I like products that work!  I like products that can be used and enjoyed every day whilst at the same time are fun and bright and beautiful .... be they on the breakfast table, your desk at work or in the kitchen.  Much of this philosophy drives new design ideas.'
  Henry Nyambuto, Production Manager (on the left!)

Cool, calm and collected.  Henry manages to bring out the very best in our  team, ensuring that everything is made to the very highest standard.
  Rose Kavinya, Quality Control

Nothing gets past her eagle eye!  Rose has a brilliant eye for detail and although everything is made by hand, Rose makes sure we don't drop our standards in  terms of quality at any time.
  Stephen Mutindah, Artist

A self taught artist of significant talent, Stephen looks after our artistic team....assisting, training and working with me to make sure that our whole team is able to produce our designs.
    Vereso Tadayo, Workshop

A master craftsman.  Vereso is in charge of woodwork. He works closely with me when I have an  idea for a new product, bringing it to life. He also helps train all the workshop members.
     Joseph Kamau, Workshop

A quality craftsman in his own right. Joseph assists in making the products and quality control in  the workshop.
    John Mwangi, Painting

Always smiling.  John makes sure products are painted to perfection....no easy task! It is hard to  spot the brushstrokes it is done so perfectly.
    John Odhiambo, Finishing (on the right!)

John ensures a superb finish to all the products.  With years of experience behind him, he makes the products shine!